Corinna paddleboarder update

Police no longer hold concerns for the welfare of a female paddleboarder who was seen in the Pieman River area near Corinna in the state’s west yesterday.

Following an extensive air and water search by volunteers and police including the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and public information provided by members of the community, police have determined the woman left the area via vehicle yesterday.

It was originally believed she was driving a silver Subaru, however information provided by members of the public, including video and dash cam footage, have confirmed that the woman was travelling in a silver van, which has now left the area.

Senior Sergeant Adam Spencer, of West Coast Police, thanked members of the public for their valuable assistance.

“As a result of extensive information provided by the community, we have now been able to determine that that woman safely left the area via another vehicle,” Senior Sergeant Spencer said.

“About a dozen members of the community who saw the woman yesterday came forward, so police have been able to confirm a more accurate timeline of her movements, including that fact that she was driving a silver van, which then left the area.

Police would like to thank those members of the public who provided dash cam footage and video to help us resolve the matter.

“We will be following up with the vehicle’s registered owner and speaking with the woman concerned,” Senior Sergeant Spencer said.

“Communities can be reassured that Tasmania Police takes these types of reports very seriously, and will conduct searches until there is no doubt the person is safe.”