Drivers urged to heed roadworks restrictions at Paramatta Creek

Police are again urging motorists to heed traffic restrictions at roadworks sites, after nine infringements were issued in 90 minutes on the Bass Highway at Paramatta Creek earlier this week.

Inspector Nick Clark said police had received several reports of drivers disobeying temporary traffic lights and placing the workers at the site at risk.

“Officers from Western Road Policing Services attended and fined nine motorists for failing to stop as required on a red traffic light, attracting a penalty of three demerit points and a fine of $181,” he said.

“Police monitor roadwork sites across the state because these workers have the right to arrive home safely at the end of their shift.”

“Roadwork restrictions are put in place when sites are more dangerous due to altered road surfaces and detours or when roadworks staff are in close proximity to passing traffic, including heavy vehicles.”

“We’re again asking all road users to play their part in making sure everyone gets home safe as we lead up to the busy Christmas and New Year period.”