Falls Festival 2011

Patrons attending this years Falls Festival are being advised to plan ahead and be well prepared to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience.

“Patrons are generally very well prepared for the start of the Festival, with camping, food and travel arrangements cemented well in advance,” said Inspector Glenn Keating.

Tasmania Police will assist Festival staff and security during the opening of the event to ensure that all safety measures have been taken, allowing patrons to enjoy the festivities. Patrons are reminded that bringing alcohol onto the site is not permitted and anyone attempting to do so runs the risk of being removed from the site.

Throughout the remainder of the festival, staff and security will be assisted by Tasmania Police, uniform, plain clothes and specialist services.

“Our presence is to provide reassurance to patrons, that the environment is theirs to enjoy, in a safe and responsible manner” said Inspector Glenn Keating.

Tasmania Police is reminding everyone travelling to and from the festival that traffic delays are to be expected.  Arterial roads will become congested with up to 16,000 people travelling to and from the site at Bream Creek, from all over the State.

“While a traffic management plan is in place to allow patrons to leave the Festival without excessive delays, Tasmania Police would be remiss in our duty of care if we did not conduct traffic operations at this time,” said Inspector Glenn Keating.

Patrons are reminded that Tasmania Police encourage motorists to drive safely and in particular whilst travelling to and from the Falls Festival police will be conducting various enforcement campaigns to ensure that drivers remain safe on our roads.

“The arrangements for the journey home need to be just as well thought out as those for the start of the festival,” said Inspector Keating. 

“Drivers will be subject to random breath testing.  To ensure your travel experience is minimally interrupted, a designated driver is advised, or alternatively delaying your journey is another method of ensuring you are fit to drive and travel safely home,” he said.

Members of the public are reminded to expect traffic delays between Thursday 29th December and especially around the event site at Bream Creek and Sorell on Sunday 1st January 2012.

The expected peak traffic disruption times will be:

Thursday 29th December (incoming to Bream Creek) afternoon & evening.

Friday 30th December (incoming to Bream Creek) – All day, from around 7am until about 4pm.

Sunday 1st January 2012 (outgoing from Bream Creek site) – this is expected to be the busiest day for traffic disruption will all patrons leaving the festival site travelling all over the State.

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