Falls Festival 2012

As in previous years, Tasmania Police will be onsite for the duration of this year’s Falls Festival to assist festival staff and security to ensure that all safety measures have been taken, allowing people to enjoy the festivities.  The police capability onsite will include uniform, plain clothes police and other specialist services such as the drug detector dog unit, which was present at the site last year. 

‘The majority of people attending these types of events behave responsibly however there is always an element of the crowd who for various reasons decide to misbehave and disrupt the experience for others’ said Inspector Doug Rossiter, who added ‘we are there to help ensure people attending the festival feel safe and can enjoy the event without incident’.

People attending the event are also reminded that bringing alcohol onto the site is not permitted and anyone attempting to do so runs the risk of being ejected. 

People travelling to and from the festival or on roads in the vicinity should expect to experience traffic delays.  At different times, roads will become congested with up to 16,000 people travelling from all over the State to the site at Bream Creek.

With the increase of cars on the road, motorists are asked to be patient and show consideration for other road users.  ‘While every effort will be made to minimise disruption and delays; there will be breath testing and other traffic operations conducted in the area, in the interests of road safety’ said Inspector Rossiter.

Inspector Rossiter suggests patrons take the time to consider their travel plans in advance.  ‘Please remember that the most important thing is you arrive safely at your destination.  Have a plan for how you’re going to get home and make sure you do not get behind the wheel if you are affected by alcohol or drugs’. 

Peak Traffic times




Roads affected

Saturday 29 December 2012

Afternoon & Evening

All roads heading towards Bream Creek

Sunday 30 December 2012

Early morning onwards

All roads heading towards Bream Creek

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Early morning onwards

Many roads around the State

New Year’s Day is expected to be the busiest day for traffic disruption with all patrons leaving the festival site and travelling all over the State.

Media Opportunities

During the festival, Inspector Doug Rossiter can be contacted via the Temporary Police Station which will be located onsite.

Media & Communications
(03) 6230 2296