Falls Festival 2014

Tasmania Police will again be assisting Falls Festival organisers to ensure that the 2014 event remains a safe and enjoyable highlight of summer festivities.

The Falls Festival is held between Monday 29 December 14 and Thursday 1 January 2015 at Marion Bay.

“The event organisers have worked very hard to bring Tasmania a great music festival. Police are working with them to ensure the event is a safe and comfortable environment so that families and people of all ages can have a great festival experience and enjoy the music,” said Inspector Peter Powell.

“Of course, we encourage everyone to have a good time, but ask to please do so in a way that doesn’t adversely affect the enjoyment and well-being of others,” he said.

“The vast majority of people who attend Falls behave responsibly.  As usual, there will be a police presence on the festival site, with plain clothes and uniform officers and the drug detector dog, to ensure everyone feels safe and has a good time,” said Inspector Peter Powell.

The Falls Festival is a very successful event that attracts patrons from across Tasmania and interstate which means there is a significant increase in the amount of traffic on our roads, particularly around Sorell, Copping and Marion Bay.

“Extra police officers will be on duty to assist with the safe and smooth flow of traffic to the site.  However travellers should expect delays and allow extra time to reach their destination, and if possible, avoid travelling during the peak times for Falls Festival traffic,” said Inspector Peter Powell.

“Think about sharing a lift to Falls with a friend, or catching a bus (timetable information can be obtained from www.fallsfestival.com.”

The expected peak traffic times are:

 Monday 29th December 2014 (incoming to Marion Bay) Medium traffic volumes are expected all day, but may increase early in the afternoon and early evening with patrons heading to the festival.

 Tuesday 30th December 2014 (incoming to Marion Bay) Peak times are expected to be from 7am – 4pm.

Wednesday 31st December 2014 Traffic is expected to be light with relatively fewer arrivals and departures from the site.

Thursday 1st January 2015 (outgoing traffic from Marion Bay) This will be the busiest day, with all festival traffic leaving the site.  Festival patrons are expected to begin leaving from around 6am, with the majority of patrons leaving the festival site by 5pm.

Police will again be conducting a major random breath testing operation on 1st January at the conclusion of the festival, testing drivers leaving the site.

“Have a plan to get home safely, don’t drive if you have been drinking or you’re affected by drugs.”


Sergeant 1386