Falls Festival Marion Bay

Tasmania Police will provide a high profile presence at the Falls Festival in Marion Bay from tomorrow morning.
As with previous years, police will be working closely with event organisers for the duration of the event.
“To ensure a safe festival for all patrons, there will be a high police presence including uniformed and plain clothes police, Licencing officers, and Drug Investigation Services officers with the Drug Detection Dogs,” said Senior Sergeant Troy Hodge.
“We want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe festival,” said Senior Sergeant Hodge.
“The risk of anti-social behaviour at a music festival is high, particularly when alcohol is consumed.”
“We urge everyone to drink responsibly, don’t take drugs, and look after your mates.”
“This is a family friendly event and we will be patrolling the site to ensure everyone’s safety.”
“While we appreciate that the majority of people attending the festival will behave responsibly, we reinforce to patrons not to let their behaviour ruin the event for others. We ask everyone to be respectful and considerate of others, especially in the mosh pit.”
Additional police resources are rostered on duty to undertake traffic management to and from the festival site and to other areas around the Tasman Peninsula.
“We will again be conducting traffic management to the site at the start and end of the festival,” said Senior Sergeant Hodge.
“As with previous years, we will conduct a large scale random breath testing operation at the conclusion of the festival,”
“Our aim is to get everyone home safely and that includes testing drivers and removing those affected by alcohol and drugs from the roads.”
The random breath testing operation will be conducted within the Bream Creek Showgrounds complex to ensure the process does not unreasonably interfere with the free flow of traffic.

Peak Traffic Congestion Anticipated

Entry Festival Day 1 Friday, 29 December Incoming to Marion Bay
Entry Festival Day 2 Saturday, 30 December Incoming to Marion Bay
Exit RBT Operation Monday, 01 January 2017 (from early am) Bream Creek Show Ground