Falls Festival

Tasmania Police wish to ensure patrons attending the Falls Festival have an enjoyable and safe experience.

Patrons are reminded that they are not permitted to bring alcohol into the event and risk being removed from the site if they do so.

During the event security staff will be supported by uniformed and plain clothes police. Drug detector dogs will also be present as is the case with any major significant public event. Drivers will be subject to random breath testing.

“The presence of Tasmania Police is to provide a safe environment for everyone to enjoy the festival,” said Inspector Glenn Keating.

Other on site support will be provided from the Tasmania Fire Service, Tasmania Ambulance Service, Youth Network of Tasmania and Red Cross ‘Save A Mate’.

“Tasmania Police will again conduct a major Random Breath Testing operation on 1 January at the conclusion of the festival.

“A traffic management plan is in place to allow the approximately 16,000 patrons to leave the Falls Festival site without excessive delays,” said Inspector Keating.

Members of the public are reminded to expect traffic delays between Wednesday 29 December 2010 and Saturday 1 January 2011, around the event site and Sorell.

The expected peak traffic times are:

Wednesday December 29 (incoming to Marion Bay)
Medium traffic volumes are expected all day, but may increase early in the afternoon and early evening with patrons heading to the festival.

Thursday December 30 (incoming to Marion Bay)
Peak times are expected to be from 7am – 4pm.

Friday December 31
Traffic is expected to be light with relatively fewer arrivals and departures from the site.

Saturday January 1 (outgoing traffic from Marion Bay)
This will be the busiest day, with all festival traffic leaving the site. Festival patrons are expected to begin leaving from around 6am, with the majority of patrons leaving the festival site by 5pm.


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