Firearms surrendered at Bridgewater Firearms Amnesty

Dozens of items were surrendered to police at a Firearms Amnesty in Bridgewater today.

Items surrendered included:

  • 8 firearms (including one pistol).
  • Approximately 30kg of ammunition

A steady flow of people attended who were making enquiries about firearm licencing and firearm registration.

“A mobile firearms amnesty held at Bridgewater today resulted in 8 illegal and unwanted firearms, including 1x pistol, that were surrendered to police and taken off the streets,” said Senior Sergeant Jason Klug.

“Any illicit firearm is a concern to Tasmania Police, and it’s pleasing that people took the opportunity today to surrender items to police, ensuring the items can’t end up in the wrong hands.”

Police encourage anyone who has an unwanted or illegal firearm, ammunition, or gel blaster in their possession, to contact police to hand it in.

“Tasmania has a permanent firearms amnesty where people can hand in their firearms at any time -unregistered or otherwise- without fear of being prosecuted for the possession,” said Senior Sergeant Klug.

“Police will be holding further mobile firearms amnesties in Southern Tasmania over the coming months, but mobile amnesties are not the only way someone can surrender items to police.

“Firearms and ammunition can be surrendered to police at any time by phoning police on 131 444, and organising to attend a police station, or for an officer to attend your residence for collection.”

Anyone with information about stolen or illegal firearms in the community can do their part, by providing information to police on 131 444 or to Crime Stoppers anonymously online at or on 1800 333 000.