High-range drink driving offender gets banned from the local pub

Police have served a 40-year-old Strahan man a barring order from his local pub after he was detected high range drink driving on Wednesday evening.

The driver of the vehicle refused to pull over for police before being taken into custody at his house.

He recorded a reading of 0.183, nearly four times the legal limit.

He was issued with an instant driving disqualification for a period of six months, and has been bailed to appear at court in November where he will answer a number of charges.

Constable Wayne Bradford from Strahan was thankful to the local pub licensee for their support.

“Licensees have the power to issue Barring Orders to patrons for being intoxicated, violent or quarrelsome, putting the safety of others on the premises at risk because of their consumption of liquor, or any other reasonable grounds.”