High speed offenders

Police are concerned by the high speeds at which two provisional drivers were caught travelling at on the Bass Highway near Stanley.

On Wednesday evening police intercepted a 19 year old provisional driver who was travelling at 158km/hr, 58km/hr above the 100 speed limit. The driver’s vehicle was clamped for 28 days and he will be summonsed to court for traffic offences. This is one of five vehicles clamped in the Smithton area in recent times.

Last night (Thurs 2 Sept) a second provisional driver, aged 17, was caught nearby on the Bass Highway at Stanley travelling at 121km/hr, 41km/hr above his prescribed 80km/hr limit. That driver was given an instant disqualification.

Sergeant Lauren Bain, of Western District Support Services, said these incidents are disturbing as Circular Head has been over-represented in serious and fatal crash statistics.

“Tasmania Police will continue to focus on traffic–oriented activities on the Circular Head for this reason, particularly while we are capturing offenders travelling at such dangerous speeds,” Sergeant Bain said.

“The fact they were provisional drivers is even more concerning."

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