Increase in threats by scammers


The Serious Organised Crime Division wish to advise members of the public about threats and abuse being made by scammers, either at the time of the scam or when their demands are not complied with.   Police are receiving an increase in reports of such behaviour by members of the public.


In regards to the tax scam, scammers have kept victims on the phone whilst they have gone to the bank and given them directions as to what to do and say.   On one occasion the victim drove to the Police Station and handed the phone to an officer who then spoke to the scammer.  The scammer became very upset at the victim for doing this and demanded the fax number for the Police Station so that the ‘warrant’ could be sent there for the victim to be arrested.

Potential victims that have been telephoned and refuse to comply with scammers have had numerous phone calls afterwards, where they have been screamed at and abused by the scammer.

Emails have been sent to some victims threatening serious physical harm will be imposed if they fail to comply with demands to send cash to the scammers.  Police wish to reassure recipients of these emails that they are false and are merely another attempt by these scammers to scare recipients into handing over money.



Members of the community should be assured this is an international scam and they are in NO DANGER from these scammers.

Do not pay any money.

Do not respond to such emails or click on any links.

Hang up on phone scammers and perhaps leave it off the hook for a while if they ring back more than once.

If it continues notify your telephone provider.

Tell a family member or friend as to what is happening so they have some support or the Fraud and e-Crime Unit at the email address or you can call on 61732781.