Launceston Police Clamp 3 Cars in 20 Minutes

Launceston Police have expressed disappointment after clamping 3 vehicles in the Launceston CBD within the space of 20 minutes for hooning offences on Friday night.


The first vehicle was clamped at midnight for emitting unnecessary and unreasonable noise in Paterson Street. As police were speaking with the driver of this vehicle, a second vehicle was intercepted on the same street for the same offence. It was only minutes after dealing with the second driver that police observed a third vehicle hooning in the same street again. The third vehicle was clamped for operating a vehicle in an unnecessary execution of sustained loss of traction.


“This driving behaviour is absolutely appalling, especially in this kind of weather. Our roads have seen enough tragedy in the past couple of days. All of these drivers now have had their cars clamped for 28 days,” Sergeant Mackenzie.


One of the drivers only got his licence back last month after losing it for the accumulation of demerit points. Another driver had only owned his vehicle for 2 days after buying it on Wednesday.


A fourth vehicle was clamped in Wellington Street early in the night for hooning offences.


All drivers will attend court at a later date for the offences.