Light Aircraft Crash, East of Cape Raoul, Tasman Peninsula

Shortly before 6.30pm on Monday, 29 December 2014, police were notified of a light plane crashing into Storm Bay, just east of Cape Raoul, south of Hobart.

A search was immediately coordinated by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

The Tasmania Police vessel ‘Van Diemen’ attended the scene from Port Arthur,  approximately nine yachts competing in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race also diverted to the crash area and two helicopters were also dispatched to the area.

An oil slick was observed at the reported crash zone, which has been marked by a buoy for reference purposes.

The aircraft is believed to be a single engine Cessna with a pilot and one passenger on board. At this stage of the search, neither the pilot nor the passenger have been found.

Vessels are continuing the search while aircraft will resume the search at first light.