Man caught driving 80km/h over the speed limit

A man from southern Tasmanian has been detected by police today exceeding the speed limit by 80km/h on Brinktop Road, Penna.

Constable Shane Etherington said the car was detected travelling at 160km/h in an 80km/h zone along Brinktop Road.

“Speeding at any level is not safe and places all Tasmanian road users at risk”.

“It’s disappointing that road users continue to travel at such high speeds and don’t heed the continued advice from Tasmania Police”.

“All road users are reminded that police can and will clamp vehicles detected travelling at 45km/h or more above the speed limit.

“Dangerous drivers will be removed from our roads and police will continue to clamp or seize vehicles detected travelling at excessive speeds.

“Speeding puts the driver and other motorists at the very real risk of being killed or seriously injured in a crash,” said Constable Etherington.

Anyone who sees dangerous driving is encouraged to report it to police on 131 444 or via Crime Stoppers Tasmania online at Dashcam footage can also been uploaded via