Man charged for lighting fire without a permit

A Lewisham man will be charged after the fire he lit today without a permit burned out of control across several paddocks and caused a volunteer firefighter to suffer smoke inhalation.

The 41-year-old man was attempting to burn off a pile of vegetation on the rural property, however due to the windy and dry conditions he was unable to contain it.

It was reported to emergency services at 10.20am.

The fire spread to a number of paddocks on the property and was brought under control by Tasmania Fire Service who deployed 10 firefighters, five trucks and two helicopters.

“The man believed that due to the overnight rain it was safe to light the fire, but as he quickly discovered the ground and vegetation is still extremely dry and with a little wind can have a disastrous effect,” Sergeant Paul Devine said.

“If it wasn’t for the quick and excellent work from firefighters the fire would have spread and other properties in the area would have been threatened,” he said.

The man suffered burns to one of his hands while attempting to extinguish the fire, and a volunteer firefighter was also transported to hospital with smoke inhalation.

People are reminded that fire permits are now required for the whole of Tasmania. Due to the conditions there is an embargo on permits being issued in the South of the state until further notice. Campfire restrictions in national parks and reserves are also in place.

Information in relation to permits can be obtained by calling TFS on 1800 000 699 or by going to