Marine checks find deficiencies in safety equipment

Vessel owners are reminded to check their safety equipment prior to launching following safety inspections over the weekend resulted in 20 vessels not being compliant.

Northern District Marine Police conducted safety inspections on recreational vessel safety equipment on boat ramps in the St Helens area over the weekend. After completing more than 20 inspections each day, nearly half the vessels didn’t have the required safety equipment on board. Owners where subsequently issued with an  infringement notice and fined $326.

“We’re reminding vessel owners of the importance of safety equipment following an  incident earlier this month where two men were rescued from the water after their boat capsized in Burns Bay, near St Helens,” said Sergeant Rob King of St Helens Station.

“The fact that their safety equipment was up-to-date and they were wearing the approved PFD’s no doubt contributed to their survival.”

Information on the compulsory safety equipment that must be carried by vessels can be found on the MAST website at or in the Tasmanian Safe Boating Handbook.

Marine Police will continue to conduct regular vessel safety inspections of all recreational vessels they encounter throughout summer and into 2019.