New Police Vests on the Beat

New Police Vests on the Beat

Tasmania Police officers on the frontline are being equipped with the latest in personal protection equipment.

New high visibility load bearing and personal protection vests will be provided to every Tasmania Police officer, with around 300 of the vests issued to date.

“We are committed to the safety of officers, who respond to incidents that can unexpectedly become a dangerous situation,” said Commissioner of Police, Darren Hine.

“The Multiuse Integrated Protection Vest is high-visibility, with load bearing and personal protection capacity to provide members the best protection available to officers as they keep the Tasmanian community safe.”

The vests provide ballistic and edged weapon protection to officers.  The load bearing capacity for police accoutrements, such as handcuffs, baton, radio and capsicum spray provides a more comfortable fit for day long wear.

“Officers are trained in operational skills, policies and practices to provide frontline safety, and protective equipment is critical to a safe working environment,” said Mr Hine.

The vests are manufactured by Hellweg, in Victoria, at a cost of $1.8 million which includes a shirt designed to be worn under the vest to ensure officers remain cool and comfortable.

“Officers undertaking frontline operational duties, including traffic, public order and general duties, will wear the vests as part of their mandatory uniform,” said Mr Hine.

Each vest comes with a high visibility over garment which will be worn by members when conducting general duties. As a result members wearing the vest will be more visible to the public and safer when on duty.

Around 700 vests will be issued before the end of the financial year and the remainder (350) will be issued throughout the new financial year.

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