New Year’s Eve 2011

Look after your mates and don’t drink and drive – that’s the message from Tasmania Police this New Year’s Eve.

High visibility police patrols will again be the focus for Tasmania Police around the State tomorrow night.

Extra police officers have been rostered on state-wide to ensure that everyone has a safe and happy New Year’s Eve.

“If you are out celebrating on New Year’s Eve we ask that you do so responsibly and plan ahead so that you do see in the new year safely,” said Inspector Glen Woolley.

“Police will not tolerate drunken and anti-social behaviour spoiling a good night for others. Most people are responsible – it’s just a small number of people who get carried away and potentially ruin what should be an enjoyable night for everyone,” he said.

In Hobart, many of the New Year’s Eve activities will focus around Salamanca and the waterfront areas. Extra police have been rostered on and will be conducting foot patrols around the waterfront and in the Central Business District.

A Temporary Police Station has also been established in Salamanca Place near Parliament Lawns.

“Have a good night but don’t take any risks – it’s just not worth it. Keep an eye out for your mates and make sure that they are safe too,” said Inspector Woolley.

“If your mates have had too much to drink make sure that they don’t drive but take public transport and that they do get home safely,” he said.

Police also remind people that it is an offence to drink on the street and should confine their drinking to licensed premises or venues.

There is also an increased police presence on the State’s roads over the Christmas / New Year period. Operations will focus on speeding, drink / drug driving, inattentive driving, vehicle defects and seat belt and mobile phone offences.

People who are planning on having a few drinks should plan ahead and nominate a designated driver or take public transport. In Hobart, Launceston and Burnie Metro will provide a late night bus service which will operate until the early hours of New Year’s Day.


Police in the Northern District will be giving specific attention to the Launceston CBD and Bridport.

“We have rostered more police on over this busy time in an effort to bring in the New Year in a safe manner,” said Inspector Darren Hopkins.

“We want people to enjoy themselves but to do so in a responsible manner giving consideration to others along the way. 

“We also want this festive period to be fatality free  and extra traffic police will be out in force not only involved with RBTs but a high visible presence on the highways and major roadways.

“Our message is if you take the risk, you will probably get caught,” Inspector Hopkins said.


The Western District has extra officers rostered across the area to monitor New Year’s Eve functions. 

“These officers will be supported by a large Traffic police contingent who will concentrate on keeping the roads safe, along with Public Order Response Teams to ensure appropriate behaviour at both public and private events,” said Inspector Kim Steven.

“Burnie will host the annual A Night on The Terrace function, which will be one of the focuses of police activities in that area to ensure that families attending can safely enjoy the event.

“Devonport will have a high visibility presence in the traditional licensed entertainment area of the City and police will be monitoring public order in and around the CBD with a particular focus on the Lantern Dreams Festival being conducted in Roundhouse Park.  As with last year, we will have a significant contingent at holiday camping areas, including the Port Sorell, Hawley area.

"I would again encourage people to behave responsibly to enable everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time whilst seeing in the New Year," said Inspector Steven.