Non-compliance at Hobart quarantine hotel

Police have responded to two incidents of non-compliance at a Hobart quarantine hotel this weekend.

Yesterday afternoon, security at the hotel contacted police after a 48-year-old Glenorchy man, who had recently returned from Queensland and was required to complete 14 days hotel quarantine, attempted to leave the hotel premises contrary to his formal direction.

He was apprehended at the time by security at the hotel and received an infringement notice from police.

Last night police were again called by security and advised a 37-year-old Claremont man, who had recently returned from Queensland and was required to complete mandatory hotel quarantine, was found to have left the premises.

Police arrested the man at his home in Claremont later in the evening.  He was charged with COVID-related offences and bailed to complete the remainder of his quarantine at the hotel as required.

There is no indication that any members of the Tasmanian community were at risk during either incident.

Assistant Commissioner Jonathan Higgins said the two incidents were not acceptable.

“It is selfish and unacceptable that people think that they do not have to follow the rules that are in place,” he said.

“These rules are in place to keep our community safe.”

“I want to make it very clear to those required to quarantine at hotels or at home, that you are doing so to stop COVID-19 from being transferred to anyone here in Tasmania.”

“If you have been interstate there is a chance you have been exposed to the virus.”

“We need to make sure that anyone coming to our state is doing so safely, protecting our community and way of life.”

“Two weeks of personal inconvenience pales in comparison to the benefit of protecting the lives of 500,000+ Tasmanians.”