Ongoing joint-operation targeting illegal timber harvesting in Huon Valley

An ongoing joint-operation targeting the illegal harvesting of timber in the Huon Valley area has identified 10 individuals committing woodcutting offences. 

“Tasmania Police and Sustainable Timber Tasmania have been conducting a joint operation targeting the illegal harvesting of timber in the Huon Region to decrease the instances of such thefts,” said Sergeant Simon Ward.

“To date, action has commenced against 10 individuals identified through surveillance and targeted patrols, in relation to illegal woodcutting activities. 

“The joint-operation is ongoing and will utilise a number of strategies, including covert surveillance, to identify any further individuals involved in these activities.” 

People are reminding that to collect firewood, you must either do it on your own land, have permission from the landowner or have a permit from Sustainable Timber Tasmania. In all other cases, it is classified as stealing and anyone detected may face charges of stealing, trespass or unlawful possession as well as forfeiture of the wood.