Operation Crossroads – 30 December 2015 Update

Operation Crossroads – State wide enforcement activities to date (accumulative):


State wide traffic enforcement activities 2015 2014
Random drug & alcohol tests to date 14,514 11,316
Motorists charged with drink driving offences to date 52 46
Motorists who returned positive oral fluid tests to date 28 31
Total Infringement notices issued to date 1120 1520
Infringement notices issued for speeding offences 730 991
Infringement notices issued for inattentive driving 80 99
Infringement notices issued for mobile phone use 50 48
Infringement notices issued for seat belt offences 73 61


A 43 year old woman from Bridgewater was involved in a single vehicle roll over at Claremont yesterday. She will face court for Dangerous Driving, Driving Under the Influence (DUI), and Resist Police.

The previously reported abhorrent driving behaviour of a 20 year old man at Lindisfarne and Geilston Bay yesterday only proves to highlight that it is a small percentage of motorists choosing to ignore our pleas for common sense on the roads.

As we approach New Year’s Eve celebrations please remember the five key contributing factors to serious and fatal motor vehicle crashes:



Alcohol and Drugs



So, if you plan to go out and celebrate this New Year’s make your plans now as to how you intend to get there and return.  And remember, if you do end up drinking, you may be still over the limit the next morning so don’t take the risk.