Operation Crossroads – 31 December 2015 update

Operation Crossroads – State wide enforcement activities to date (accumulative):


State wide traffic enforcement activities 2015 2014
Random drug & alcohol tests to date 16,067 12,358
Motorists charged with drink driving offences to date 63 51
Motorists who returned positive oral fluid tests to date 32 36
Total Infringement notices issued to date 1297 1,734
Infringement notices issued for speeding offences 841 1,143
Infringement notices issued for inattentive driving 92 111
Infringement notices issued for mobile phone use 55 60
Infringement notices issued for seat belt offences 84 70


A Launceston woman will face court in the New Year after allegedly recording a breath alcohol level of 0.228 yesterday. The 40 year old Prospect Vale woman was detected by police after members of the public alerted them to the manner of the woman’s driving.


The woman was immediately disqualified from driving and bailed to appear at the Launceston Magistrates Court in the New Year.


The alleged behaviour of the woman is concerning to police, given the high level of publicity being given to the road safety message this Christmas and New Year.


We would like to thank the members of the public who contacted police, and of course police welcome any information such as this which ultimately helps keep the roads safe for others.


A small number of motorists still refuse to make common sense decisions when it comes to alcohol and driving.  Remember, if you take the risk you will get caught.


Fortunately the number of motorists detected speeding is around 300 less than this time last year.  Tasmania Police wants to see that number continue to decrease significantly to make our roads safer for everyone.


Tasmania Police has attended 26 serious motor vehicle crashes during Operation Crossroads to date, two less than the same time last year.  These incidents have life changing effects on the people involved and significant effects throughout the community.


Remember, don’t speed, don’t mix alcohol and drugs with driving, wear your seatbelt, pay attention and if you are feeling tired pull over and take a break.



With the increased number of motorists on the road at this time of year, please be polite and consider other road users. If you are travelling slower than the posted speed limit keep an eye on the traffic flow behind you and allow other vehicles to pass whenever it is safe to do so.


If you feel like you are being held up by a larger, slower vehicle, take a deep breath and be patient. Show some consideration and don’t take any unnecessary risks.