Operation Crossroads – State wide

State wide traffic enforcement activities
Random drug & alcohol tests to date 8915
Motorists charged with drink driving offences to date 27
Motorists who returned positive oral fluid tests to date 12
Total Infringement notices issued to date 188
Infringement notices issued for speeding offences 245
Infringement notices issued for inattentive driving 11
Infringement notices issued for mobile phone use 9
Infringement notices issued for seat belt offences 11

Following yesterday’s message of caution to Provisional licence holders, Tasmania Police are disappointed that a Provisional licence holder was detected at 139km/h in an 80 km/h zone on the Bowen Bridge near Hobart. At this speed any crash has the real potential of having fatal consequences.

As we are approaching the New Year’s celebration period Tasmania Police remind all road users that alcohol stays in your system for a considerable period and that if you consume a significant amount of alcohol the night before, you may still be over the legal limit the next morning. Police conducted a Random Breath Operation on Saturday morning in Hobart and detected three drivers with low blood alcohol levels.

Over the last 2 days police have issued over 240 speeding tickets around the state with some being high speed. Along with 27 drink drivers charged over the last two days it is clear some do not get the message that the five bad driving behaviours of excessive speed, driving with alcohol or drugs in your system, driving while tired, allowing yourself to be distracted and not wearing your seatbelt can have fatal consequences.

Please, everyone, drive safe and help keep this period a happy one.