Operation Crossroads Statistics 28/12/2012

Research has shown that speeding is a behaviour which contributes to serious road crashes.  At lower speeds there are fewer crashes because road users (including pedestrians) have more time for decision making, motorists are less likely to lose control, and vehicles have much shorter stopping distances.  A further 171 motorists were captured speeding yesterday – a total of 488 for the period. Tasmania Police will continue to work hard to stop these dangerous drivers and take them off our roads. 

With the weekend approaching, Police will further increase our attention to the motoring public in order to keep everyone safe on our roads.  You can expect increased Random Breath Testing over the next few days and over the New Year celebrations.  Remember, road safety is a shared responsibility.  Look after your mates…and don’t let people drive dangerously.

Operation Results (as at 23:59 Yesterday):


Number of:


Random Breath Tests Conducted:


Drink Driving Offences Detected:


Drug Tests Conducted:


Positive Drug Tests:


Licence Offences Detected:

(Includes Disqualified, Suspended, Unlicensed and Restricted Licence Contraventions)


Traffic Infringement Notices Issued:


Speeding Offences Detected:


Vehicles Clamped or Confiscated: