Operation Crossroads statistics 31/12/12

The Christmas Holiday Road Toll reporting period runs from 00:01 hours on Sunday 23rd December till 23:59 hours on Thursday 3 January 2013. 


Police in the South of the State will be paying particular attention to the Falls Festival at Marion Bay. Substance impairment is a major factor in road trauma, with alcohol continuing to be the single biggest contributor in serious crashes. Bearing in mind the numbers of provisional drivers attending the Falls event, it is timely to remind them that miscalculating how long alcohol takes to dissipate from their body may find them exceeding their zero alcohol limit. A number of lower level detections were identified last year and police do not want a repeat of this behaviour. Police conducted 2427 RBT’s at this event last year and caught 15 drink drivers.

And also please remember your animals during any fireworks events tonight. Scared and frightened dogs in particular do present as a hazard on our roads this evening. There will also be some congested traffic on our highways in the next few days so please be patient and arrive at your destinations safely.

Operation Results (as at 23:59 Yesterday):

Number of: Total
Random Breath Tests Conducted: 18832
Drink Driving Offences Detected: 67
Drug Tests Conducted: 109
Positive Drug Tests: 20
Licence Offences Detected:
(Includes Disqualified, Suspended, Unlicensed and Restricted Licence Contraventions) 137
Traffic Infringement Notices Issued: 1084
Speeding Offences Detected: 788
Vehicles Clamped or Confiscated: 15


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