Operation Crossroads statistics

The Christmas Holiday Road Toll reporting period is from 00:01 hours on Sunday 23rd December till 23:59 hours on Thursday 3 January 2013.  Operation Crossroads is a nationwide road safety campaign.  Currently Tasmania has recorded one fatality on our roads over the Christmas / New Year reporting period.  The cause of this crash is still being investigated. The Tasmanian road toll for 2012 currently is 31 compared to 24 (the lowest on record) for the same period last year.


The following driving tips are recommended to ensure all motorists arrive safely at their destination.
• slow down;
• drive to the weather and road conditions;
• don’t drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol;
• plan your trip and take a break every two hours to avoid fatigue;
• make sure everyone in the car wears a seatbelt;
• don’t use your mobile phone while driving; and
• obey all traffic lights.

Operation Results (as at 23:59 Yesterday):

Number of: Total
Random Breath Tests Conducted: 1995
Drink Driving Offences Detected: 11
Drug Tests Conducted: 8
Positive Drug Tests: 3
Licence Offences Detected:
(Includes Disqualified, Suspended, Unlicensed and Restricted Licence Contraventions) 17
Traffic Infringement Notices Issued: 83
Speeding Offences Detected: 65
Vehicles Clamped or Confiscated: 0