Operation Crossroads – Update (30 Dec)

The Christmas Holiday Road Toll reporting period is from 00:01 hours on Monday, 23 December till 23:59 hours on Friday, 3 January 2014.

Operation results so far are: (as at 23:59 yesterday) (30 December 2013):

Number of Change Compared to Last Year Total
Random Breath Tests Conducted -4% 18,064
Drink Driving Offences Detected -11% 59
Drug Tests Conducted -64% 39
Positive Drug Tests -5% 19
Licence Offences Detected
(Includes Disqualified, Suspended, Unlicensed and Restricted Licence Contraventions)
-7% 127
Traffic Infringement Notices Issued +20% 1,298
Speeding Offences Detected +22% 964
Vehicles Clamped or Confiscated -20% 12
Fatal Crashes 0% 2
Fatalities 0% 2

With all the celebrations tonight for New Years Eve, police would like to remind drivers to plan your return journey home if driving.  If you do plan to drink, then arrange for an alternative lift, consider a taxi, bus or friend as a means to get home.

Yesterday, there was another serious crash involving a motorcycle and car in Midway Point.  The 47 year old Midway Point rider collided head on with a Hyundai Hatch at the intersection of Lake Vue Parade and Sunset Avenue at 1.20 pm resulting in a broken lower leg..  Initial investigations suggest the rider of the motor cycle was to the right of the centreline at the time of the crash.