Operation Crossroads

Emergency services personnel are rolling up their sleeves as part of the campaign to keep the roads safe this Easter.  

The Commissioner for Police, Darren Hine will join State Emergency Service volunteers, Ambulance Tasmania and Tasmania Fire Service officers to give blood to help the Red Cross Blood Service through a traditionally quiet period for donations.

It’s part of the “Operation Crossroads” campaign, a national police Easter road safety initiative.   In Tasmania, Police will conduct high profile traffic operations focusing on drink driving and speeding offences over the Easter period.

“Our high visibility presence on the roads aims to reassure drivers and target those few motorists who take risks on the roads,” said Mr Hine.

“Many people take the opportunity to travel at Easter.  Our message is to take care on the road and take your time as a crash can happen in just a moment of inattention.”

“Everyone has a role to play in road safety.  If you see unsafe driving behaviour, pull off the road and report the details to Police on 131444.  Police will actively respond to these reports and where there is sufficient evidence, proceed against offenders” said Mr Hine.

“In circumstances where there is not sufficient evidence, police will advise the motorist that a report has been made about their driving.”

As part of Operation Crossroads, Police Commissioners in every jurisdiction around Australia and New Zealand will this week donate blood to highlight the need for blood over the Easter period.

The Blood Service needs 850 blood donations in Tasmania every week for trauma victims, including those involved in road crashes.

“We are encouraging emergency personnel and other members of the community to give blood.  But we hope our donations won’t be needed this Easter,” said Mr Hine.

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Commissioner Darren Hine donating blood at the Red Cross Blood Service on 18 April 2011.