Operation Safe Arrival – results

Police intercepted more than 7,500 vehicles during Operation Safe Arrival, which ran from Thursday 14 April to Tuesday 19 April.


Inspector Jim Semmens said it was disappointing to see 746 people issued with traffic infringement notices during the six-day period.


“The majority of infringement notices were for speeding offences, which is extremely worrying,” he said.


“62 per cent (468) of the speeding offences were drivers travelling between 15 and 29km/h over the limit.”


“Another 20 people were caught speeding by more than 30km/h.”


“This shows that drivers continue to ignore our warnings about speeding, and the repercussions of exceeding the speed limit.”


“As we keep saying, even “a bit” over the limit is speeding. Over is Over.”


“In addition to infringement notices, disappointingly 40 people were charged with drink driving, and 42 people were charged with drug driving.”


“We want to thank the majority of Tasmanians who heeded our warnings during Operation Safe Arrival, but we are seriously concerned that some people continue to disregard the rules,” Inspector Semmens said.

“The road rules exist to save lives, it’s as simple as that.”

“Pleasingly there was a 77 per cent reduction in serious crashes, and a 52 per cent reduction in minor crashes compared with last year’s Easter period.”

“While Operation Safe Arrival is over, our traffic enforcement efforts are continuing across the state.”

“If saving lives isn’t motivation enough, remember police are out across Tasmania in a range of vehicles – some you might not notice until it’s too late and we’re pulling you over.”

Op Safe Arrival 2022 results