Operation Unite – a blitz against drunken violence

Tasmania Police is again joining forces with other police jurisdictions across Australia and New Zealand for a weekend of action against alcohol fuelled violence and anti-social behaviour.

Last December was the first time there was a combined national police campaign targeting public drunkeness and violence on public streets. Operation Unite was successful in drawing attention to the misuse of alcohol and its role in assaults and a range of anti-social behaviour.

This coming weekend Tasmania Police will be part of a strong and focussed police presence on the streets. In Tasmania, police will concentrate on the entertainment districts of Hobart, Devonport and Launceston.

“Operation Unite is about challenging the culture of drinking to excess,” said the Acting Commissioner of Tasmania Police, Darren Hine. “A police presence alone won’t change behaviour – the message this weekend is for people to take responsibility for how much they drink.

“This is not just a police problem, it is an issue for the whole community.”

“Drinking to excess has consequences – and when violence and crime is involved those consequences can be life changing.

“The result of drinking responsibly will be an even safer community where everyone from young people to families can enjoy a night out without encountering drunks, anti-social behaviour or violence,” Mr Hine said.

“We urge people to monitor how many drinks they have and look out for their friends. Binge drinking raises the chances that you could become either a victim or an offender.”


– Public disturbance incidents (including assaults) – 6,691

– Offensive behaviour incidents e.g. urinating in public, abusive language – 6,443

– 22% of public place assault victims were under the age of 18; 52% of victims were aged 18 – 34.

– 18% decrease in the number of women as victims of assaults in public places; and a 7% decrease in the number of women as offenders in assaults in public places.

– 40% of assaults occur between 5pm – 4am on Friday and Saturday nights, with most occurring on or near a licensed premise.

1,144 people were detained in custody for drunkenness, and 185 were detained due to their level of intoxication. 

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