Operation Unite: A Blitz on Drunken Violence

Tasmania Police deployed 153 officers throughout the State on Friday night and 89 officers on Saturday night to participate in Operation Unite: A Blitz Against Drunken Violence.

The State Coordinator of Operation Unite, Commander Geoffrey Smith, stated that Saturday was a far busier night for police around the State than Friday night, particularly for Launceston and Devonport.

There were 153 offenders detected last night an increase of 51 from 102 the previous night. Arrests also increased from 35 on Friday night to 52 on Saturday evening and the early hours of today. Most of the arrests were for public annoyance-type offences and disorderly behaviour.

“It is clear that the level of intoxication of people in the entertainment precincts had increased from Friday night.  Launceston and Devonport police made 26 and 22 arrests respectively which are significant numbers for those centres.

"These figures are disappointing especially given the relatively responsible behaviour that we witnessed on Friday night. It is clear that we still have work to do in getting our message across to people and it is clear that others, including drinkers, need to accept greater personal responsibility for this problem,” Commander Smith said.

Importantly, no assaults have been reported to police as having occurred in any of the entertainment precinct areas of the three cities last night. However, police around the State report that their presence quelled many disturbances and a number of people were arrested for fighting. Movement between venues in Hobart and limited public transport options in Launceston to enable patrons to leave the CBD in a timely fashion, appears to have contributed to some conflict between members of the public.

Sixty five people were issued with Liquor Infringement Notices for possessing opened containers of liquor in public. Four people were arrested for drink-driving on streets within the Unite area of operation.

Police undertook a total of 192 licensed establishment visits last night in the three Tasmanian cities. Four licensing breaches were detected in Hobart.

Police continue to be pleased with the low level of youth offending last night with only one youth detected committing a liquor-related offence.

Police issued 87 Move on Orders on Saturday night  and only one related to a youth.

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