Over 1300 checks conducted for COVID restriction compliance

Police have conducted over 1300 checks on people in quarantine across the State since 6pm on Wednesday 25 March to 3pm today. Police are being supported by personnel from Tasmania Fire Service, State Emergency Service and the Australian Defence Force and these checks are ongoing.


A group of 10 people will be proceeded against for entering a restricted area at an East Coast camp ground yesterday. A number of non compliance cases also remain under active investigation.


Police also conducted a number of checks of businesses and in public places across the State, including malls, shopping centres and beaches.


There have been very high levels of compliance and understanding of the requirements, but we continue to get reports of people flouting the requirements in some public places and it must be clear that this is not acceptable.


Those required to isolate must fully adhere to the requirement and be aware that if they blatantly disregard these directions that police will initiate formal proceedings.


Those entering Tasmania since 21 March have been given instructions at their arrival points on what they are required to do and they must adhere to that direction.


Under the Emergency Management Act, there is a penalty of up to 100 penalty units ($16,800) or imprisonment not exceeding 3 months for failing to comply with a lawful requirement or direction of an emergency management worker.