P-plater caught speeding twice the limit on Enforcement Day of Action

A P-plater was caught driving more than double the speed limit in Burnie yesterday, as part of Tasmania Police’s National Road Safety Week Enforcement Day of Action.

Tasmania Police State Road Safety Coordinator Gary Williams said Western Road Policing Services officers were carrying out several traffic operations across the district when they detected the Holden Commodore ute travelling at a speed of 132km/h in a 60km/h zone on West Mooreville Road.

“Police intercepted the car and found the driver to be a 17-year-old on his P1 licence,” he said.

“This excessive speeding occurred in a residential area, and the dangers are obvious.”

“The vehicle has been clamped and he will be proceeded against for speeding and hooning offences, which can carry heavy fines and lengthy disqualifications from driving.”

“Unfortunately this wasn’t the only example of dangerous and risky road behaviour police detected during the Day of Action, with 98 other speeding offences, one drink driver, ten positive drug tests, three seat belt related offences and 12 mobile phone offences detected across Tasmania in the 24 hour period.”

“Of course the Day of Action is not the end of our traffic enforcement efforts, and police will continue to patrol roads across the state both day and night.”

“Just this morning we had another high visibility roadside operation taking place in Hobart alongside Transport Safety and Investigation Officers from the Department of State Growth.”

“This operation was focused on ensuring vehicles are roadworthy, which is particularly important with winter fast approaching.”

“Make sure your vehicle is safe to drive in inclement weather, take the time to check tyre treads are sufficient, headlights, brake lights and tail lights are operating correctly, and if necessary, have your heater and de-mister serviced.”

“For a long time we have been trying to bring home the message that road safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we all need to work together and follow the rules to drive down our road toll and prevent people being seriously injured in crashes.”

“Already this year we’ve had 12 people lose their lives on Tasmanian roads, and we’ve had about 140 people seriously injured in crashes.”

“It’s not good enough.”

Tasmanians are encouraged to take the National Road Safety Week pledge to Drive So Others Survive online at roadsafetyweek.com.au.

  Northern Southern Western Statewide
Drink Driving Offenders 1 0 0 1
Positive Oral Fluid (drug) Tests 2 2 6 10
Mobile Phone Offences 5 5 2 12
Seatbelt Offences 1 2 0 3
Speeding Offences
(excludes speed cameras)
23 55 21 99
Defect Notices 4 8 3 15