Parking politely

Tasmania Police continues to urge motorists to drive with care, attention and patience during the pre – Christmas period. 

This is a time of year traffic movement increases and in our desire and haste to get those last minute presents, food for the table, attending social and festive events we sometimes forget about common courtesy to other road users.

Whilst there has been no increase in the isolated incidents of confrontation between motorists, following some basic parking courtesy rules will ensure the continuation of safety and courtesy to all road users during the festive season.

  • Park straight in a parking space.
  • Don’t park on the parking line and take up two spaces.
  • Take your turn when waiting for a parking space.
  • Indicate your intention early to park in parking space
  • Open doors  with caution –  swinging doors cause dents
  • Watch for pedestrians

“The number of deaths on Tasmania’s roads so far this calendar year is 25 (19 Dec ).  This is the lowest road toll recorded for Tasmania and it is important we all ensure that we maintain this safe driving record,” Inspector Beech-Jones said.

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