Police charge driving offender

Police have charged a 28 year old Rokeby man with driving offences following two separate incidents on the Midland Highway last night.


Oatlands Police detected a driver travelling at a speed of 141km/h on the Midland Highway at Jericho about 7.15pm last night. The driver was intercepted and it was determined that he was currently disqualified from driving. The 28 year old driver from Rokeby was conveyed to Oatlands Police Station whereby he was subsequently breath tested and the driver returned a reading of 0.169. The man was bailed to appear in court and was also issued with a further 24 months disqualification.


Later that evening at approximately 8:55pm, Oatlands police again detected the man driving his vehicle south on the Midland Highway at Jericho. The man was intercepted, arrested at the scene and conveyed to Bridgewater Police Station where he returned a further breath test reading of 0.132.


The man was issued with a further 12 months disqualification and again bailed to appear in court at a later date.