Police discourage Facebook events which encourage law breaking

Police are discouraging people from organising and promoting Facebook events which encourage others to break the law.

Scheduled for this Saturday, the ‘Storm the Woodchip Pile’ Facebook event which has now been deleted, had over 1,000 people interested and over 500 people indicating they would attend and attempt to trespass.

The Officer in Charge of Burnie Division, Inspector Adrian Shadbolt said “Whilst the ‘Storm the Woodchip Pile’ Facebook event may have been created and intended as a joke, the content had serious ramifications as it was encouraging others to break the law.”

“While Facebook events may be intended to be a joke, Tasmania Police take proposed actions that encourage law breaking and trespass seriously.”

“While this specific event has been deleted, I encourage people to be mindful that the action it promoted is illegal and not to participate.”

“Police will have resources where the event was planned, which diverts resources from policing activities to keep the community safe.”

“I strongly encourage anyone who has an event or group on Facebook that encourages law breaking to close the event or group immediately.”