Police, DPFEM staff receive medals and awards

More than 50 police and DPFEM staff will be recognised for a combination of medals and awards at this year’s medals and awards ceremonies in Hobart today.

The Commissioner’s Commendations and Appreciations are awarded to people or organisations who have performed their duties while exposed to significant risk to life or personal danger, have demonstrated a level of bravery, courage or devotion to duty above and beyond what is expected, have demonstrated a combination of initiative, resourcefulness, integrity and commitment which exceeds expectations, or have demonstrated an exceptional level of service delivery.

Among those being recognised include:

  • Commissioner’s Certificate of Commendation – Sergeant Brad Conyers and Detective Sergeant Nicholas Smith – Operation Garden (investigation into the murder of Dwayne Robert Davies from Risdon Vale in May 2017)
  • Commissioner’s Certificate of Appreciation – Senior Constable Adam Hall, Senior Constable Ruth Purcell, Bellerive CIB and Marine and Rescue Services – Operation Garden
  • Commissioner’s Medal 40 year clasp – Constable Craig Keogh, Inspector Ian Lindsay, Commander Mark Mewis
  • National Medal 35 year clasp – Commissioner Donna Adams, Commander Peter Harriss, Commander Anthony Cerritelli, Inspector Phillipa Burk, Senior Sergeant Darren Woolley, Sergeant Stewart Cashion, Sergeant Michael Gillies, Sergeant Michael Maher, Senior Constable Sandra Watkins, Senior Constable Shaun Pedder, Constable Beth Schiwy.
  • Secretary’s award for 40 years’ service – Vicki Burn

Ceremonies for Northern and Western districts have been held earlier this month.

Commissioner Adams, who herself received her clasp for 35 years’ service, paid tribute to the recipients, saying that the medals and awards were issued to members who have demonstrated a consistently high standard of work performance, along with demonstration of unequivocally high standards of personal and professional conduct.

“These awards are a chance for me to say thank you for the dedicated service that our police officers and State Service staff deliver.  It’s these people who provide invaluable assistance in our mission to keep our communities safe,” Commissioner Adams said.