Police implore motorists to reset driving behaviours following Road Safety Day of Action

Police are imploring drivers to reset their behaviour on the roads after a concerningly high number of offences were detected during a Road Safety Day of Action yesterday.

“While we expected to detect motorists disobeying the road rules during a focused policing activity yesterday, the high number of drivers detected disobeying the road rules and putting themselves at risk is concerning,” said Northern District Commander Stuart Wilkinson.

“Police detected 312 people speeding and 38 people using their mobile phone while driving. By now every member of the community should know that speeding and inattention are two of the Fatal Five contributions to serious and fatal crashes on our roads, and these numbers are disappointing.”

“As police we see first-hand the devastating impact of crashes, and I implore all motorist to consider their behaviours on the roads and to do the right thing to protect themselves and others.

“There are fines for disobeying the road rules, but the real penalty could be seriously injuring or killing yourself or someone else in a crash on the roads.”

Road Safety Day of Action stats 29-Jul-2021