Police in Western Tasmania urge motorists to obey road rules following traffic operations

Police are urging motorists to obey the road rules, following two days of focused traffic policing in Western Tasmania this month.

“Concerningly, in Western Tasmania, over two days of dedicated road policing on 13 and 20 October, a number of motorists were detected disobeying the road rules and putting themselves and others at risk of crashing,” said Western District Acting Inspector, Darren Woolley.

Police across the Western District detected:

  • 71 motorists speeding
  • 6 motorists not wearing seatbelts
  • 6 motorists unlicensed/disqualified
  • 14 vehicles which were issued defect notices.

“What makes these result disappointing is that speeding is one of the Fatal Five contributions to fatal and serious crashes on our roads.”

“Whilst offenders receive monetary penalties for these offences, Tasmania Police would like to highlight that the real impacts are felt by Tasmanian families that deal with serious injuries or death due to crashes on our roads.”

Police urge all motorist to obey the road rules to prevent crashes on Tasmanian roads.