Police issue road safety warning over motorcycles


Police have issued a road safety warning, calling on riders to slow down, ride responsibly and wear appropriate safety gear.


A total of 11 motorcyclists have died on Tasmanian roads this year, which is up from 10 fatalities the same time last year. The motorcycle road toll is also up 67% on a five year average of 6.6 fatalities.


“This is totally unacceptable. People need to take responsibility for their actions on our roads,” Senior Sergeant Mathewson said.


In the lead up to the Christmas/New Year period, Tasmania Police will be targeting motorcyclists, checking licences (particularly the appropriate motorcycle categories), roadworthiness, testing for drugs and alcohol, and speed.


“We’re calling on riders to protect themselves and other road users by riding responsibly, ensuring they’re licensed and their motorbike is registered and roadworthy, and by wearing appropriate safety gear. It’s for their own safety.


“We’re also asking other motorists to be mindful of motorcycles on the road as riders are vulnerable road users.”


Senior Sergeant Mathewson called on interstate or international riders and motorists travelling in Tasmania to be prepared for the changing nature of road conditions.


“Tourism booming is in Tasmania, which is a great thing for our State. The reality that comes with that is there are more tourists on our roads.


“We’re asking all road users – particularly those unfamiliar with our roads – to slow down, pay attention all the time and drive to road conditions.”


Senior Sergeant Mathewson said that while most road users respect each other and themselves enough to stick to the road rules and limits, there are some who continue to believe they are above the law and that the rules do not apply to them.


“If you are detected by police riding dangerously, there’s a high probability your bike will be seized,” he said.


“Our message for all road users – both motorcyclists and motorists – is to slow down and share the road – it’s for everyone’s safety.”