Police presence at One Night Stand

Tasmania Police will provide a high profile presence at the One Night Stand event at St Helens this weekend.

Tasmania Police works with the organisers of all major events to ensure the appropriate level of security is in place for the safety of patrons.

“We want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe event, and we would also like to remind visitors to the area to respect the local community, said Inspector Michael Johnston. There will be a greater police presence including uniformed and plain clothes police, and Drug Investigation Services officers with the drug detection dogs.

“This is a family friendly, drug and alcohol free event and we will be patrolling the site to ensure everyone’s safety.

Additional police resources are also rostered to undertake patrols outside the event and around the St Helens area in the lead-up to and post the event.

“Our aim is to get everyone home safely and that includes testing drivers and removing those affected by alcohol and drugs from the roads.”

Inspector Michael Johnston will be available for interview at St Helens Police Station at 10:30am Friday morning.