Police to enforce Southern Tasmanian lockdown

Police are out in force reminding people in southern Tasmania to abide the lockdown requirements and stay home, to keep themselves and others safe from COVID-19.

Assistant Commissioner Jonathan Higgins said that a number of road check points were now in place on main arterial roads, and police were out on patrol to ensure people are doing the right thing to keep Tasmanians safe.

“We are checking motorists to ensure they are only travelling for permitted reasons. If they don’t have a valid reason – they will be turned around,” Assistant Commissioner Higgins said.

From 6pm last night:

  • A total of 46 vehicles were turned around from various road check points.
  • A total of 68 compliance checks were conducted in southern Tasmania.
  • A total of 29 covid related reports.
  • Of these, 6 police infringement notices were issued. Advice was provided for the remainder.

“We know the majority of people will do the right thing, because they understand how important these measures are for protecting our community.

“To those people who are considering flouting the rules – we are using significant police resources to patrol southern Tasmania to make sure people are adhering to the restrictions.

“Police will be taking a strong approach in dealing with those in the minority who continue to flout the rules and put other Tasmanians at risk.

“Our message to everyone is to please stay home unless it is absolutely essential that you leave.”

Assistant Commissioner Higgins said that people who did not have a permitted reason to be away from their primary residence faced a substantial fine and could be charged.

“Be prepared to be stopped by police and asked why you are away from your primary residence,” Assistant Commissioner Higgins said.

“If you need to do essential shopping – remember to use the Check In Tas App and keep a physical distance from others.

“Do not be complacent about the restrictions.  The measures have been implemented to stop the spread of COVID-19 and police will be enforcing them.”

If you have any questions, visit the coronavirus website www.coronavirus.tas.gov.au