Police traffic activities to focus on raising awareness of Fatal Five contributors to crashes and road fatalities

Police will be out in numbers across Tasmania today, highlighting the Fatal Five contributors to road crashes, following a devastating number of deaths on the roads this year.

“Police will be undertaking road policing activities across Tasmania today, particularly in the North of the State, aimed at raising awareness of the Fatal Five contributors to serious crashes and fatalities on our roads,” said Commander Stuart Wilkinson.

“A significant number of police resources, including a drone and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, will be deployed to Northern Tasmania today, focused on policing the high speed areas and removing unsafe drivers and vehicles from the roads.”

Police are committed to protecting and serving the community, with road safety and improving driver behaviours a key priority.

“Despite police efforts, serious and fatal crashes continue to occur with disturbing regularity, most often because of Fatal Five contributors, including speed and inattention.”

So far this year, 20 people have died in crashes on Tasmanian roads, compared to 20 last year.

“Devastatingly five people died in crashes in Northern Tasmania in July. That’s five deaths too many, and five deaths that could have been avoided,” said Commander Wilkinson.

Police reiterating their call to all motorists to drive to survive the Fatal Five contributors to crashes:

  • Obey the speed limit – it’s there for a reason.
  • Pay attention – one moment of distraction is all it takes to cause a crash.
  • Rest if you’re tired – arriving late is better than not arriving at all.
  • Buckle up every person in the vehicle – seatbelts save lives.
  • Never drive after drinking or taking drugs – you’ll be putting more than your life on the line.

Police also urge motorists to drive to the conditions which is timely with high winds and heavy rain and flooding forecast.

“Police cannot manage road safety alone. All motorists are urged to do the right thing when they travel on the roads to help prevent crashes,” said Commander Wilkinson.

Anyone who witnesses unsafe driving can report it to police on 131 444 or Triple Zero (000) in an emergency. Where possible, dash cam footage to accompany a statement is valuable evidence which can assist police to prosecute unsafe drivers and remove them from the roads.

Road Safety Day of Action shows speed and phones put people at risk

Police are urging motorists to reset their behaviours after a high number were detected disobeying the road rules during the first half of the Road Safety Day of Action today.

“While we expect to detect motorists disobeying the road rules during a focused policing activity like today, the high number of drivers doing the wrong thing across the state to 3pm this afternoon is concerning to us.  It should also be concerning to our community,” said Northern District Commander Stuart Wilkinson.

“Between 5am and 3pm, police detected 215 people speeding on our roads and that represents 215 times that a driver put themselves and others at high risk of serious injury or death.  We know that speed is a factor in a large number of serious and fatal crashed on our roads.”

In Warrane, police intercepted a 35-year-old man speeding at 96km/h an hour in a 50km/h zone on Dampier Street. The man received a fine of $995, 6 points and 4 months disqualification.

“There are other concerns from what our police identified in today’s Road Safety Day of Action and as it continues, we are urging motorists to consider their behaviours on the roads and to do the right thing to protect themselves and others.”