Police training exercise taking place in Northern Tasmania

A training exercise involving Tasmania Police and Victoria Police is taking place in northern Tasmania this week.

Funded by the Australian and New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee, the exercise will focus on interoperability between the two police services.

“Members of the public may notice an increase in police resources in and around the Launceston area from 1 to 3 March,” said Commander Jo Stolp.

“This will include equipment and personnel from both jurisdictions, as well as Victoria Police aircraft at Launceston Airport.”

“Training like this helps to ensure our officers are prepared for broad-ranging emergencies and allows for continual improvement and skill building in counter-terror responses.”

“The exercise itself will be undertaken on a remote island in Bass Strait, and people may notice an increase of both aircraft and vessels coming to and from mainland Tasmania.”

“Rest assured there is no need for concern. This planned training is all about preparation and keeping our community as safe as possible.”