Police urge motorcyclists to ride responsibly

Police are urging motorcyclists to ride responsibly and take accountability for their own safety following five fatal motorcycle crashes this year (total 12 fatalities). Causative factors for these crashes included speed, inattentiveness, drugs and alcohol.

“We should not accept that road fatalities are inevitable, especially when many deaths and serious injuries on our roads are avoidable,” said Senior Constable Despina Amerikanos.

“Following a week long focus on motorcyclist behaviour in Southern Tasmania it’s disappointing that some riders continue to believe the road rules do not apply to them which is totally unacceptable.”

Between 9-15 April in Southern Tasmania, 237 motorcyclists were intercepted by police.

  • 29 offences were detected which equates to 12% of bikes intercepted failing to comply with the road rules:
  • 3 motorcyclists were detected riding whilst unlicensed
  • 1 motorcyclist was detected travelling 25 km/h over the speed limit
  • 5 motorcycles were unregistered
  • 4 motorcycles were issued defect notices
  • Notably this does not include the 2 bikes which evaded police.

“In particular, one motorcycle rider was detected riding unlicensed, unregistered and displaying a cardboard registration plate, which is totally unacceptable,” said Senior Constable Amerikanos.

“We’re urging motorcyclists to protect themselves and other road users by riding responsibly, ensuring they’re licensed and their motorbike is registered and roadworthy, and by wearing appropriate safety gear.”

“Coming into winter the roads will become slippery and visibility may be reduced so it’s timely to remind all road users to pay attention at all times and drive to the conditions, especially if they’re unfamiliar with the roads.”

“We’re also asking other motorists to be mindful of motorcycles on the road as riders are vulnerable road users. Drive safely and share the road – it’s for everyone’s safety.”