Positive Ticketing Program Builds Relationships

A program designed to reinforce good behaviour by young people is expanding across the North West coast.

The Positive Ticketing Youth Engagement Program was adopted by police in the Western District Early Intervention and Youth Action Unit in 2009 as a way to engage positively with young people in the Shorewell Park based Kommunity Kids project and the surrounding Burnie community.

The Program was developed by police in Canada and will now be rolled out across Burnie, Devonport, Wynyard and Ulverstone with a focus on areas of disadvantage. The program is funded by service providers including Mission Australia, The O Group, Centacare, Anglicare, Community Connections Incorporated and Devonport’s Youth and Family Focus.

“Positive Ticketing is a great way for police to initiate positive contact with young people. It can be the first step in developing long term positive relationships between police and young people,” said Senior Constable Ian Edwards from the Early Intervention & Youth Action Group.

When police see positive behaviour, such as riding with a helmet, honesty, reporting a crime or a P-plater driving within the limit, they can issue a ‘Positive Ticket’; a $10 voucher that can be spent in local shops and cafes or in their school canteen.

“Recently a group of young people found some expensive stolen bikes and handed them in to police, who were able to reward them with a ‘Positive Ticket’ for their honesty.”

“The relationships developed since the introduction of ‘Positive Ticketing’ in Burnie are already paying off, with young people initiating contact with police when they need advice, assistance or want to provide information.”

“We want to build trust and respect between young people and police, particularly in disadvantaged areas, while reinforcing the positive behaviour we want to encourage,” said Senior Constable Edwards.