Radio Dispatch Services (RDS) Operations

There has been no reduction in staff numbers in Radio Dispatch Services. RDS is staffed by 59 Full Time Equivalent positions and that has been the case since 2009.

The role of RDS is to provide the link between the community and the police services they need. RDS staff ensure operational safety is paramount and perform routine database checks where possible. Those include vehicle registration, licence and background checks.

To ensure safety of the community and officers, during exceptionally busy operational periods the RDS supervisor will advise members via radio that RDS is temporarily unable to perform routine checks.

“This is standard operating procedure and has been for many years. Tasmania Police does not accept that operational safety is compromised by these procedures,” said Assistant Commissioner, Donna Adams.

Officers are able to obtain the information in several other ways; via mobile data terminals in police vehicles, through traffic administration staff or Crime Management Units, or they are able to make the checks on return to the station.

“The Police Association accused DPEM of failing to secure a ‘special deal’ with Telstra to ensure constant coverage. There is simply no such deal available to any Telstra customer,” said Ms Adams.

“Staff in Radio Dispatch provide a professional service and to suggest its operational procedures pose a threat to members is both incorrect and undeserved.

“The safety of officers and the community is always a priority and the Association undermines confidence in the service when it suggests otherwise,” said Ms Adams.

Tasmania Police is yet to be formally advised the Association intends to take these issues to the Industrial Commission.

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