Recreational Abalone Seizure

On Friday 30 December 2016, police from Western Marine Services located a recreational abalone diver in possession of a number of undersize abalone at Brickmakers Beach, Cowrie Point.

The diver was not the holder of a Tasmanian recreational fishing licence and will be summons to appear in court for all offences detected.

All abalone and diving equipment was seized by police.

“This is a timely reminder that all persons must ensure they are fully aware of all rules and regulations associated with recreational fishing and that they are the holder of a current Tasmanian fishing licence,” said Senior Constable Murphy.

“Before you enter the water to catch specified species you must ensure you have a current licence that enables you to catch that species”.

“You must also ensure you are aware of all size limits in the location where you are fishing/diving as they do change in different areas of the state”.

Tasmania Police will be patrolling all Tasmanian waterways this summer inspecting species of fish being caught for compliance of correct size and catch limits.