Remember to slow down near emergency scenes

Today the National Road Safety Week theme is ‘Protect our Protectors’, calling on road users to ‘slow down to protect those who protect and assist us’.

In light of that, police have released body worn camera footage of a close call in Tasmania’s north earlier this year.

“Tasmanians should know that it is a legal requirement to slow down to 40km/h when approaching an emergency vehicle with lights flashing,” said Inspector Darren Hopkins.

“This road rule was introduced in December 2019 to help keep first responders safe when attending incidents and emergencies on our roads, but unfortunately examples like this are all too common.”

“Drivers need to be aware of their surroundings and must drive with proper care and attention at all times.”

“Rule 79a applies when approaching any stationary or slow-moving emergency vehicle with lights flashing, whatever direction you are travelling in, unless there is a dividing barrier.”

“Last financial year 472 people were proceeded against for breaking that law, which is why we’re reminding all Tasmanians to slow down, so police and other emergency workers can do their jobs and help others, without putting their own lives on the line.”

Remember to take care when slowing and avoid braking suddenly.