Response to New Zealand incident

Our thoughts are with the victims in New Zealand and their families, and also with our police counterparts and other emergency workers.

Tasmanians shouldn’t be unduly worried or alarmed and people should continue to go about their business as usual.  The National Terrorism Threat Level remains at Probable and this is regularly reviewed. There is no information to indicate a specific security threat to Tasmania or any Tasmanian interests.


The safety and security of the community is our priority. Tasmania Police continually monitors and gains information on international and national terrorist incidents and reviews its counter-terrorism arrangements and capabilities as a consequence.


Tasmanians can be reassured that Tasmania Police, as the lead agency for Counter-Terrorism preparedness and response in this State, is well prepared to respond to any terrorism incident, including planning and preparedness for response to and recovery from Terrorist incidents.


As always, we urge people to be conscious of any suspicious activity and, most importantly, to report suspicions and concerns to the appropriate authorities.

Unusual or suspicious activity should be reported to the National Security Hotline 1800 1234 00 or the Police Assistance Line 131 444. For assistance in a life threatening or time critical emergency call Triple Zero (000).



Scott Tilyard


Deputy Commissioner